Early Warning Systems 

Frühwarnsysteme als Indikatoren gesellschaftlich definierter Gefahrenbegriffe theoretisch und gestalterisch dekonstruieren

Deconstructing early warning systems as socially defined concepts of danger and security in design and theory

Jan 2020
FH Potsdam
Bachelor Thesis

Prof. Wiebke Loeper and
Prof. Sebastian Schmieg

2 books, 1 CD
Artistic Research and Thesis

By means of creative research conducted on aspects of early warning systems i approach the current measures for security applied in German society. Taking sociological aspects into account, I test auditory and visual forms of danger measurement and warnings. The thesis refers to the practical experiments in which the responsibility of the self in relation to one‘s own safety and that of others can be redefined. The texts from my research can be compared with the auditory examples and thus a personal interpretation can be generated.
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