Safe and Sound

Which Siren are you? Instagram Face Filter 2020

Nov 2020
live sound performance
20 min
Basel, CHE
auditive snippet of my current research, shown at

My current research deals with the feeling of social and physical spaces that are defined by alerts and alarms.

In a playful reuse of the classic ▷Which Disney character are you?◁ face filter, I question the fears evoked by alarm sounds by identifying myself with these sounds.

A similar situation arises in the Live Sound Performance I created for and showed at the Snippet Live-Feature Festival in Basel. This work is a trial of experiencing being an alarm in front of an audience. I composed the auditive environment of a computer game that would let me choose between different types of alarms being Avatars. While being the Avatar I play with having the ability to manipulate other peoples fears to start a discussion about our own responsibilities in a society with security measures, especially to create awareness of what it means to be living in a safe state and what privileges as such entails.

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