For Safety Reasons

Jan 2020
Potsdam, GER
Audio-Video Installation
8 channel audio
5 screens, video loop
15 min

The installation FOR SAFETY REASONS is an audiovisual interpretation and outcome of questions and conclusions of my Bachelor thesis. The installation is set up inside a dark room. The viewers move through this room and sound diffuses from eight speaker boxes facing the ceiling. As a spectator, you walk through a soundscape that plays with the human perception of sounds. This is done either through spatial compositions or through the physical impact sounds can have on the body. The auditory narrative strand is dedicated to the story and the emotions experienced in relation to security strategies. Fragments of feelings and sounds alternate with history and law. In contrast to the rather earnest auditory sounds, the visuals are on another level – a humorous expression of my positiion in society (being a german citizen, white, female) in a privileged position between fear and a safe state. On five old tube television screens you can see a moving figure that can be interpreted as a female Avatar. She wears a silver glittering jumpsuit and a ▷lucha libre◁ mask, that builds a bridge to female wrestling as a popular content in video games. The show fight on the one hand questions the authenticity of security measures (for german citizens in Germany) and creates a visual emphasis on the fear associated in security. At the same time the female wrestling show fight is a feminist call for participation.
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